Coleção: EPSON Warranty Process


The Supplier (Essential Investments) will provide End Users with Repair at Base Service on the terms agreed with Epson. Essential Investments is an Epson Authorized Service Partner (Epson Warranty Centre).

1. Repair at Base Service, or

2. On Site Repair Service


1.1          REPAIR at BASE SERVICE

  • Repair at Base services consist of an End-User sending its product to the Supplier’s repair centre for repair at the Supplier’s base.


1.2.1      Repair at Base service requires the Supplier to identify the faulty product by serial number, confirm Epson service authorisation and undertake a product repair action at the Supplier’s repair centre. 

1.2.2      The Supplier will repair the faulty product by following the relevant Epson Technical Documents.

1.2.3      If the cost of spare parts needed to repair the End-User’s product will be extremely high compared with the cost of the replacement product, the Supplier will immediately issue a report to inform Epson.

1.2.4      The report detailing the cost of the spare part should be based on Epson spare part numbers and associated cost.

1.2.5      Upon reviewing the report, Epson will issue handling instructions to the Supplier on how to deal with the product. This may include but is not limited to instructions to:

  • repair the product or
  • replace with a new one and disposal the defect one

1.2.6      The Supplier will comply with all applicable international, national, and local regulations with regard to any authorised disposal of a product.

1.2.7      All activities related to a product beyond economical repair are included in the charge per event as set out in Appendix C

1.2.8      All faulty products will be repaired and made available for the End User as agreed in the Key Performance Indicator unless the End User requests a longer period of repair.

1.2.9      The Supplier will ensure that both Epson and the End User will always be fully informed about the progress of a repair process.

  • Unless otherwise advised by Epson it is the responsibility of the End User to deliver the faulty product to the Supplier’s service centre and after the repair has been completed collect their product from the Supplier’s service centre.
  • The Supplier will ensure that a service ticket is completed for all engineer service events. In certain situations, Epson may provide the format and style of the service ticket.  All service tickets for service events completed must be returned to or made available to Epson unless otherwise agreed with Epson. 



  • On site repair services consists of a Supplier visiting the End User’s site to repair a faulty product at the End-User’s site.
  • All requirements for on-site repair or engineering visits will be provided by a helpdesk or engineer accredited by Epson. In cases where the helpdesk is not available the Supplier will be fully responsible to qualify the need for a warranty request and is responsible to collect all the info listed in point 1.2.2.
  • To enable the Supplier provide an onsite repair service, Epson will provide the Supplier with the following information but not limited to:
  • product type and model
  • serial number of the product
  • the nature of the fault including Epson fault codes if applicable
  • end user’s contacts details: contact name, telephone number and address.

2.2.3      Prior to any visit from the Supplier to the End User, the Supplier will contact the End User to arrange a service visit Estimated Time Arrival (“ETA”).

2.2.4      A Supplier’s engineer providing on-site repair service to an End User must be trained on Epson products and will be an Epson accredited engineer.

2.2.5      During an on-site repair service visit, the Supplier’s engineer will test and repair the faulty product according to the relevant Epson Technical Documents.

2.2.6      The Supplier’s engineer is required to provide onsite support workflow which will include but may not be limited to the following duties:

  • identify the faulty machine using the serial number.
  • confirm the fault.
  • repair faulty product.
  • Carry out test to assure that the product is working correctly.
  • complete the Job sheet in the format provided by Epson or otherwise advised by Epson
  • obtain the End User’s signature on the Job Sheet

2.2.7      The Supplier’s personnel should escalate technical or service management queries to Epson as described in the Service Level Agreement.

2.2.8      In the event that the fault could not be rectified during the visit and:

  • further visits will be necessary; or
  • the faulty product will have to be taken away for repairs in the Supplier’s repair centre; or
  • the product has been diagnosed as beyond economical repair,

then the Supplier’s personnel will make all necessary arrangements to ensure that any action identified meets the approval of Epson and the End User. The Supplier will provide the End User with Supplier’s repair centre contact details and agree a process for the customer to track the repair’s progress. The engineer will inform the Supplier’s repair centre about the arrangements. 

2.2.9      The Supplier will endeavour to achieve the relevant KPI performance defined within Appendix D .  Any performance related or compensation adjustment payments and their conditions are detailed in Appendix C.

2.2.10    The Supplier will ensure that Epson and the End User will always be fully informed on the progress of a repair.

2.2.11    The Supplier will ensure that a service ticket is completed for all Epson engineer service events.  In certain situations, Epson will provide the format and style of the service ticket.  All service tickets for service events completed must be returned to or made available to Epson unless otherwise agreed with Epson.


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